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SVG Import | Back from South by Southwest | Object Visibility

SVG Import | Back from South by Southwest | Object Visibility

We're back after a crazy week at South by Southwest (SXSW) ! In terms of energy, inspiration and fried chicken, we're at our full potential! 🚀 Check out the product updates in April, but also a little debrief of this festival and a focus on the IFCAM web app which shows you how to digitalize an exhibition while keeping learners engaged.

New features

A new Visibility property to display or not your objects

[Blog] visuels.png

The new Visibility property allows you to display or not an object in your interface. It is of boolean type: Yes or No. Unlike opacity, when an object is not visible, it no longer exists and is not "rendered" on the various platforms. It is therefore a particularly useful property for dynamic display of content, especially in a Flexbox or Collection component, for example when the content is empty, in order to reduce space.

It is possible to add a data binding or to associate a condition with it via a variable, the variable must be of type boolean.

SVG Import : import your SVGs much more easily

Import SVG.png

The SVG format is particularly appreciated for web and mobile projects because it is light and powerful which ensures smooth and high quality renderings.

Until now, importing an SVG into PandaSuite was a a bit difficult! But that's a thing of the past!

Now you can import your SVG files from your file library or copy and paste them from an online library: you save precious time!

Depending on its complexity, the format of this file will be different in PandaSuite Studio:

  • Simple SVGs are imported as shapes (PATHs): they can be modified from your design studio.
  • Complex SVGs are imported as SVGs: they cannot be modified in PandaSuite Studio.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • SVG: fix empty SVGs after copy-paste
  • Fixed display of video player controls on iOS
  • Fix push notifications on iOS
  • UI system : fixed overlay color on iOS
  • Bug shadow on Android bad dimensions

Make sure your apps are up-to-date

  • PandaSuite Studio for MacOS, Windows, Linux: v3.6.29
  • PandaSuite Viewer for iOS: v3.3.167-291
  • PandaSuite Viewer for Android: v2.1.188

South by Southwest


A few weeks ago, our team went to the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. If you don't know this event yet, this is a world famous festival that takes place every year in Austin, Texas. Although not well known in France, South by Southwest is a reference for the creative industries (culture, music, cinema, education) and tech, it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

What impresses most is the quality of the participants and the level of the conferences which take place in a relaxed format! We had the pleasure to listen to Ryan Gellert, Patagonia’s new CEO, Amy Webb or the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, just to name a few, talking about impact, the future or space. This year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its consequences for our lives were at the heart of all discussions, as well as Web3 and the Metaverse! We also saw immersive VR experiences such as Symbiosis.

But the festival was not limited to the conferences and these experiences, there were also many events organized all over the city, with concerts, brand content, meetings between professionals, and much more. The atmosphere was incredible and the creative energy of the event was contagious.

We are proud to have represented the colors of France, thank you again French Touch, French Tech, BPI and Business France for making it possible! It was a unique opportunity for us to meet industry professionals from all over the world, share our vision and promote your favorite Panda 🐼 !

Use Case

The IFCAM app: how to digitalize an expo and keep learners engaged?


IFCAM is the university of the Crédit Agricole Group. It offers a travelling physical exhibition (panels and multimedia terminals) on its campuses to make employees aware of how their brain works. The Covid crisis forces them to rethink the way they learn. Their challenge was how to offer a digital version of this exhibition to make it accessible to the greatest number and above all engage learners in this format?

Internally, they created a web app accessible on cell phones and PCs that includes the text and video content of the exhibition. The application is structured according to the different rooms / themes of the exhibition and allows simple access to the content. Throughout the application, the "Super Learner" section contains playful activities to experiment with the concepts presented. It can be used independently or as a complement to the exhibition. QRs codes have been added to the exhibition support.

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