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Need a digital employee handbook? Create your own

Imagine designing the ideal integration tool effortlessly, without needing any technical skills. With PandaSuite, your vision of HR digitalization can become a reality. Swiftly transform your concept into an interactive onboarding application that amplifies your employer brand.

PandaSuite digital employee handbook

Centralize key information

Offer immediate access to all the necessary resources for successful integration. With an engaging presentation, facilitate the smooth transition of newcomers into your company's world.

Discover the organization chart and teams

Discover the location using an interactive map and a 360-degree virtual tour

Access the directory and essential documents

Offer a fun, customized, and captivating experience

Use gamification to make onboarding unforgettable. Points, badges, and quizzes energize learning, making each step fun and interactive. Our onboarding software transforms integration into a captivating game.

Gamification onboarding

Keep control with a simple and easy-to-use tool

PandaSuite Digital employee handbook builder

Simplicity and accessibility

With PandaSuite, access is universal. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, provide a seamless experience that supports your employees wherever they are, without requiring an internet connection.

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Create and your deploy your iOS & Android app, outside the app stores

Export a custom app for Windows, MacOS & Linux

Contact our experts to bring your project to life

For over a decade, we have been guiding companies through their HR digital transformation. Whether you want to entrust your project to our experts or develop your own skills, PandaSuite is by your side.

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Some features that might interest you


Customize all content, including texts, images, and videos, to reflect the company's culture and values.


Incorporate quizzes, surveys, and games to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging and enjoyable.

Data security

Data is secured through robust security protocols and compliance with data protection regulations.

File integration

Group the presentations and necessary administrative documents during the integration process.


Add a search module to make accessing information easier.


Add an authentication mechanism (SSO/SAML V2) to ensure that only authorized employees can access onboarding resources and information.

Language management

Easily integrate multiple languages into the same project and offer a unified experience beyond countries.


Connect an analytics tool and analyze how employees use your HR integration tool.


Your application is directly connected to your HRIS tools and LMS platform (SCORM).


Integrate various multimedia formats, such as videos, audios, and animations, to enrich the onboarding content.


Collect feedback from your employees directly from the application.


Enjoy a smooth user experience and ongoing technical maintenance.

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