Create Windows Software Without Coding

Unlock the power to effortlessly design stunning, custom Windows software without coding. PandaSuite is your gateway to developing applications that captivate and engage, all without a single line of code.

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Create Windows software without coding
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Design with ease, build with confidence

PandaSuite's intuitive platform democratizes Windows software development. Our drag-and-drop interface and visual editor make it accessible for anyone to craft professional-grade applications for Windows and beyond.

Visual Editor: Quickly build without coding

Preview: test your creations in real environments

Resource Efficiency: Dramatically reduce time and cost

PandaSuite components

Boundless customization for your Windows software

With PandaSuite, your imagination is the only limit. Our platform supports a vast array of multimedia content and interactive features, enabling you to create truly engaging and customized applications that stand out from the crowd.

Custom Layouts: Design your vision without restrictions

Interactive Engagement: From pop-ups to animations

Rich Multimedia Integration: Elevate with images, videos, audio, and more

Custom Logic: implement actions seamlessly, no coding needed

Build offline apps for PCs, Windows devices and beyond

PandaSuite enables you to effortlessly create Windows software without coding and export it across platforms, ensuring your application delivers a consistent experience everywhere—offline or online.

Simplified Deployment: export to EXE with a click

EV Code Signing Certificate: higher level of validation and security than standard certificates

Instant and Unlimited Updates

Offline Functionality: full capability, no internet needed

Beyond Windows: expand to MacOS, Linux, mobile, and web

Cross platform deployment

Integrate, secure, and scale without coding

While other platforms may lock you into their ecosystem, PandaSuite offers the freedom to integrate with a wide range of services and APIs. This ensures that your applications can leverage the best tools available, without vendor lock-in

Limitless Integration: connect with databases and web services

User authentication: SAML V2 authentication or other

Robust offline capabilities

PandaSuite's no-code platform transformed our business presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences, significantly enhancing client interactions and opening new business opportunities, particularly at trade shows.

Pierre Masquelier
Pierre Masquelier
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The perfect Windows app maker for small businesses, freelancers and educational institutions


Education and E-Learning

Create interactive e-learning applications featuring multimedia content, quizzes, and simulations.



Develop apps that offer patient education, health tracking, and interactive guides for medical procedures.

News / Content

Retail and E-Commerce

Build interactive product catalogs and virtual showrooms.

Real estate

Real Estate

Create virtual tour applications with PandaSuite, enabling potential buyers to explore properties remotely.


Museum and Cultural Institutions

Design interactive guides and exhibit apps using PandaSuite.

Real Estate

Corporate Training and HR

Companies create training and onboarding applications with PandaSuite to streamline the employee training process.

Competitive and transparent pricing plans

Whether you are an educator, a small business or large company, PandaSuite offers competitive and transparent pricing plans for anyone.

Single plan


  • Export to EXE file

  • Also includes web app and export to MacOS and Linux

  • 1 project / 1 app

  • Instant updates

  • 50% discount for education and non-profit

  • Become Pro for €29 per month

Starting at


per month billed monthly, or €990 once.

Choose between subscription or one-time payment

Create Windows software without coding and beyond

By choosing PandaSuite, you're not just selecting a tool for creating Windows software without programming; you're embracing a partner dedicated to bringing your creative visions to life, offering the flexibility, support, and resources you need to succeed in a digital world.

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