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PandaSuite empowers marketing professionals to create interactive, multimedia-rich sales presentations easily.

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Unlock Your Sales Potential with Interactive Presentations

Transform your Powerpoint sales presentations in interactive experiences with PandaSuite. Engage your leads with clickable areas, animations, and embedded multimedia content. Your products and brand message are not just seen but experienced, leading to higher engagement rates and a more memorable impact.

Deploy Across All Platforms and Devices

Your interactive sales presentations are accessible on any device - smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Create once, deploy everywhere, regardless of where or how your sales team uses them, even without an internet connection. Share a link or export your native app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Be More Agile with No-Code Software

PandaSuite offers you complete control over interactive presentations through an intuitive no-code tool. Every idea can be swiftly materialized and every update deployed, without needing to resort to developers. Presentations stay up to date with the most recent information.

No-Code Interactive Sales Presentation Software

Create a Truly Integrated Tool for Your Processes

More than just a presentation tool, PandaSuite allows you to create a tailored sales tool. Send emails, create a product configurator, and integrate forms for a fully integrated sales process. PandaSuite can be integrated via an API to your database or your CRM.

Easily create and publish your sales presentation

PandaSuite Interactive Sales Presentation Software
PandaSuite Studio visual editor

Design and Create

Use PandaSuite Studio’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to bring your presentation to life

PandaSuite components


Incorporate videos, images, and interactive elements without writing a single line of code.

Multi-platform publishing

Deploy and Share

Once your presentation is ready, publish it or export it across platforms with just a few clicks.

Some features for your interactive sales presentation


Seamlessly incorporate videos, GIFs, images, and audio to enrich your presentations.


Keep your sales presentation secure with login & manage permissions. You can connect to SAML single sign-on.

Connect to any API

Connect your sales presentation to any data source like a CRM, display product info dynamically and send data to other services.

Interactive elements

Engage your audience with features like drag-and-drop, quizzes, and pop-ups.

Push notifications

Send push notifications for iOS and Android to your sales team and keep them informed with latest updates.


Access insights into audience engagement and behaviors, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Offline access

Your interactive presentation is available without any internet connection. Sales reps have everything they need everywhere they go.

3D & 360° Content

PandaSuite supports immersive 3D and 360-degree content, allowing for even more engaging and interactive presentation.

Language management

Build your sales presentations in multiple languages. Adapt content to local specific needs.

They built their project with PandaSuite

We have reinvented the sales approach by equipping teams with a sales support tool that is both simple and powerful, eliminating tedious and error-prone paper processes. Our goal: to transform presentations into modern and captivating experiences, enriched with high-quality images and videos.

Philippe Martoglio

Director of C'For Design Studio

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