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Unlock the potential to craft interactive, stunning desktop applications effortlessly. Whether a seasoned developer or a beginner, PandaSuite is your gateway to creating without coding.

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Why PandaSuite is your go-to desktop app builder

PandaSuite stands out in the world of desktop app development by offering an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, combined with the great customization possibilities. Easily create bespoke applications for Windows, macOS and Linux.

PandaSuite Studio

Unleash creativity with drag-and-drop simplicity

Our user-friendly interface removes the barriers to app development. Select, drag, and drop elements to craft your application From buttons and text fields to complex animations, unleash your creativity with:

Customizable UI elements

Versatile components for any need

Pre-designed templates for better understanding

Responsive design for any screen size

PandaSuite components

Seamless cross-platform creation

Expand your reach with PandaSuite’s cross-platform capabilities. Build once and deploy across Windows, macOS, and Linux effortlessly. Our platform simplifies development and deployment, enabling you to:

Generate executable files for any OS

Update with ease

Robust offline capabilities

Get access to the web and mobile version

Interactive experiences that captivate

Transform user engagement with PandaSuite’s rich interactive features. Embed buttons, sliders, animations, and more to create an app that’s not just seen but experienced: audios & videos, animations, 3D, 360°, gamification..

PandaSuite interactive features

Interactive Learning Experiences

Create educational software that engages students with interactive quizzes, dynamic textbooks, and immersive simulations.

Captivating Presentations

Design interactive sales and marketing presentations that capture and retain your audience's attention.

Interactive Kiosk

Create dynamic digital signage for events, retail, or public spaces.

Insightful Data Apps

Develop applications that transform complex data into understandable, interactive visualizations.

Innovative Solutions

Whether it's a unique tool for niche markets or a personal project to solve a specific problem, PandaSuite gives you the freedom to create utilities that fill the gaps in existing software offerings.

Portfolio and Creative Showcases

Artists, designers, and photographers can build stunning portfolios to showcase their work. With PandaSuite's interactive features, make your portfolio as creative as your projects.

Empower your apps with data

PandaSuite makes it simple to enhance your desktop applications by integrating with databases, APIs, and other external services. This connectivity allows you to infuse your apps with live data, dynamic content, and interactive features, ensuring they remain relevant and engaging in a fast-paced digital world.

Fortified security for peace of mind

Security isn’t an afterthought with PandaSuite; it’s a priority. Our platform ensures your desktop applications are fortified with the latest in security measures, providing a safe environment for your users and peace of mind for you.

PandaSuite security

Flexible pricing, unlimited potential

Dive into PandaSuite with zero upfront costs. Experiment, create, and refine your app with our free tier, then scale up with a publishing plan that suits your needs.

Single plan


  • Web app and native desktop app

  • For Windows, MacOs and Linux

  • 1 project / 1 app

  • Instant updates

  • Standalone or connected app

  • Become Pro for €29 per month

Starting at


per month billed monthly, or €990 once.

Choose between subscription or one-time payment

Join the revolution of desktop app development

Whether you're creating an educational tool, a business application, or an interactive presentation, PandaSuite is the desktop app builder that turns your ideas into reality. Start your journey with us today and see where your creativity takes you.

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No credit card is required, and there is no time limit. Discover our interactive no-code creation tool today and join over 50,000 users around the world.

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