Tue, Feb 14, 2023

Homepage, Tabs and Navigation in PandaSuite Studio

Homepage, Tabs and Navigation in PandaSuite Studio

Revealing the mystery ✨! For the past few months, our team has been working diligently on a new version of PandaSuite Studio. Our aim? To make your creation experience and project management smoother by simplifying access and navigation within PandaSuite Studio.

Discover the main new features of PandaSuite Studio v3.6:

A new homepage

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Now, you have a single source for all your needs: the list of your projects, apps, learning resources (videos and tutorials), bug report form, and ways to contact the team. All of these are available from the PandaSuite Studio app. To access your apps, simply follow the external link that always leads to your dashboard.

Navigate using the tabs

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Are you working on multiple projects? Then you know the feeling of having a lot of PandaSuite Studio windows open in your workspace. 🤣

Now, all your projects are in one window, just a click away!

A new breadcrumb

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The challenge is to select the project in the interface quickly and intuitively. The project has its own actions, triggers, components, and more.

We removed the tabs and made the project the root of the breadcrumb. This way, we can access foregrounds, backgrounds, and screens directly from the project level.

Introducing a powerful mega menu

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We've included the essential features for now, but we plan to add more actions over time.

New icon

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It may be a detail to you, but to us it means a lot... 🎶 Check out our new, simpler, consistent and trendy icon.

Move to prod from PandaSuite Studio

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When your project is released, you can put the application into production with one click from PandaSuite Studio. As a reminder, putting into production is the action of updating an application that has already been published. Until now, this action was done from the dashboard.

This new version is now available to all PandaSuite users. Do you like this new version? Send us a message via Twitter @pandasuite


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