Mon, Jan 15, 2024

New Zoomable Component

New Zoomable Component

Dear Pandas,

Welcome to 2024, entering a new year! Best wishes for your professional and personal lives!

In this newsletter, we are thrilled to present our end-of-year project: the Zoomable component! Many of you have requested it to create various zoom effects for your audio guides, interactive maps, and games. We are delighted to have made it so powerful to bring your wildest ideas to life!

We are also excited to announce the launch of the mobile application Treasures of the Friends of Versailles on iOS & Android, the outcome of our collaboration with the Friends of Versailles Society.

Enjoy reading!

Your PandaSuite Team

💫 New features

Zoomable component: zoom, zoom, zoom

zoomable icon thumb.png

This new component is truly precious: it enables zooming for all types of content. Primarily used for interactive maps, "Search and Find" games, or interactive product catalogs, it provides enhanced interaction by allowing users to zoom in on specific details and interact at various levels of magnification.

In contrast to the HD Image component, it allows for interactivity within the zoomable content.

For more information: Zoomable (includes a template)

Change the size of a project

Changer taille du projet.png

Made a mistake creating the project? You can now modify the size of an existing project. Open the menu in PandaSuite Studio to explore this new feature.

To find out more: Change project size

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Addition of new mathematical functions: square root (Math.sqrt()) and cube root (Math.cbrt())
  • Bug fix for Android texts: in a very specific context, a bug compressed all texts onto one line
  • Bug fix for Flexbox on Android: it prevented the component from scrolling
  • Bug fix for Conditions: the values of this component vanished as if by magic

Make sure your apps are up-to-date!

  • PandaSuite Studio for MacOS, Windows, Linux: v3.6.150-pre
  • PandaSuite Viewer for iOS: 3.3.212-336
  • PandaSuite Viewer for Android: 2.1.252

📢 New release

Discover all the sponsorship projects of Château de Versailles at your fingertips!

Trésors Amis Versailles.png

Born from the desire to digitalize the Great Book of Patronage, this mobile application allows you to view all the patronage projects of the Versailles Palace, such as the year of restorations and acquisitions, but also to discover curators' notices or numerous unpublished photographs. It also allows you to locate their positions on the palace map to follow in the footsteps of the Friends of Versailles.

To find out more: Treasures of Friends of Versailles - Portfolio PandaSuite

📚️ New learning resources

New template: Airtable Animal Quiz

Animal Airtable Quia.png

Discover how to create a quiz using content retrieved from an Airtable database with this template. You can find this template directly in PandaSuite Studio!

Download this template

New template: Look and Find Game

Cherche et Trouve.png

Discover how to create a "Look and Find" game using the Zoomable component, perfect for developing observation skills and interactive learning.

Download this template


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