Treasures of the Friends of Versailles

Product information


The “Treasures of the Friends of Versailles” app provides digital access to the sponsorship projects carried out by the Friends of Versailles. It allows users to consult detailed information on the restorations and acquisitions made at the Palace of Versailles, enriched by curator’s notes and unpublished photographs.

Key Features:

1. Donor Project Information: Details on restorations and acquisitions, including the year of the projects.
2. Exclusive Narratives: Enhance your knowledge of the castle’s history.
3. Interactive Map: Location of works and projects on a map of the Palace of Versailles.
4. Extension of the Grand Book of Sponsorship: Digital supplement for preserving the memory of contributions to the palace’s heritage.
5. Accessibility: Free application, consultable offline.

This application is supported by the Banque Populaire Val de France Corporate Foundation and serves as an educational resource for those interested in the history and heritage of Versailles.


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