Mon, Jun 26, 2023

Share Your Templates | QR Code | EasyCertif

Share Your Templates | QR Code | EasyCertif

Summer is bringing exciting news and activity to PandaSuite. As we look forward to new projects, we are seeking dynamic and motivated trainers and integrators. If you're interested, please apply through this link and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

On the product side, we've introduced several new features to make your life easier. Accessible from PandaSuite Studio, our new templates can help you reduce your production time. You can also create custom templates and share them with colleagues. Check out the new EasySign tool to easily create iOS certificates and avoid errors. Our team is also working on many other improvements and fixes!

Ready to take a tour of all our new features? 😎

💫 New Features

More simple and modular templates directly from PandaSuite Studio


Starting a project from scratch can be daunting and may result in wasted time trying to understand all of the features. To address this, we have recently updated our templates with a "Test & Learn" approach. You can now access these new templates with just one click from PandaSuite Studio. We have structured them into two types:

  • Templates: These short templates are focused on building a specific feature, component, or effect. They are easy to copy and paste into other projects.
  • Projects: These templates are more complex and have a navigation system. They help to understand the structure of a specific type of project, such as an audio guide application or catalog.

We plan to gradually add more templates over time.

Create your own templates

lien template.png

You can now create your own templates. Have you created a project that serves as a model? Activate the template mode and send the link to another user. They will be able to work directly from this copy and from their account!

Learn more: Share a template

New EasyCertif tool for generating an iOS certificate easily

EasyCertif Tool.png

When exporting an iOS app, the binary file (IPA) must be signed with an iOS certificate. This process usually requires owning a Mac or using command line on Windows to generate a certificate signing request (CSR). To simplify these steps, the PandaSuite team has developed the EasyCertif tool, which allows PandaSuite users to easily generate an iOS certificate online with just a few clicks.

The QR code component is out of beta

qr code.png

Insert a QR code reader into your application. This component is currently limited to the web app (not compatible with iOS & Android apps).

You can open a URL, trigger a condition...

To learn more: QR code

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • App-to-App Component: You can now configure this component more easily, allowing you to connect multiple devices together through a new online server. If you prefer the offline version, you can still use it by installing a local server.
  • PWA/Service Workers: The problem of offline mode for iOS and Safari has been fixed.
  • 100% Offline Windows App: The bug that required an internet connection even when the standalone application option was checked has been resolved.
  • The subscript and exponent now work with the same font ratio on Android.
  • The Go back to previous screen/state action now works on iOS.
  • It is now possible to manually enlarge the panels in PandaSuite Studio.
  • The minBy/maxBy functions now have a value.

Check That Your Apps are Up-to-Date

  • PandaSuite Studio for MacOS, Windows, Linux: v3.6.92
  • PandaSuite Viewer for iOS: v3.3.187-311
  • PandaSuite Viewer for Android: v2.1.204

📚️ New Tutorials

  • Enable PWA: Find out how to activate your web app's service workers and take advantage of PWA benefits such as a shortcut on the home screen and an offline experience.
  • Offline API & Data: With the Offline mode of the HTTP component, your data from an API is accessible without an Internet connection.

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