Mon, Nov 27, 2023

Two-Factor Authentication | Session Management

Two-Factor Authentication | Session Management

Dear Pandas,

As November comes to an end, we are excited to share some important updates.

We have made your account even more secure by adding a new feature called Two-factor Authentication (2FA). This feature is simple yet effective and gives you more control over the security of your data. We have also introduced Session Management, which lets you keep track of all the devices that access your account.


And because we want to celebrate the end of the year, we still have our special offer for Black Friday: 30% off all our annual plans! Visit our special page here to take advantage of this offer before it expires tomorrow! 🖤

Find out more in this edition of our newsletter. We are happy to support you in your projects and continue growing together!

Best regards,

Your PandaSuite team

💫 New Features

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): enhanced security for your account and data

Two step authentification.png

Now you have the option to enhance the security of your account. More secure than a simple password, two-factor authentication is a system that uses two methods to identify a user.

Learn more: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Custom fonts: add your fonts independently

Add custom font.png

It is now possible to add your fonts without contacting the PandaSuite team. Discover your new Fonts section accessible from your account, where you can add your files (TTF and OTF formats) in the form of a ZIP (up to 100MB). This feature is still reserved for Pro users.

To learn more: Adding Fonts

Session Management: stay in control of your account usage

gestion des sessions.png

You have the possibility to manage the active sessions of your account on other browsers and devices. Find the list of the latest devices, their IP address, and the date of first and last usage. This can be the use of PandaSuite Studio or PandaSuite Viewer (iOS or Android). You have the possibility to disconnect from a remote session.

To learn more: Manage sessions

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Video: We have improved the accuracy of video markers that were a bit off.
  • New UI for marker management: Marker properties are now accessible from the right panel. This allowed us to add new options and data binding.
  • Webhook: URL correction

Make sure your apps are up to date!

  • PandaSuite Studio for MacOS, Windows, Linux: v3.6.128-pre
  • PandaSuite Viewer for iOS: 3.3.205-329
  • PandaSuite Viewer for Android: 2.1.240

🖤 Last Call for Our Black Friday Deal

30% off all our annual plans

It's the final call for our special Black Friday offer! Use the code BLACK_PANDA_23 and get a 30% discount on all our annual plans: Pro account and distribution plans (Web, Single, Multi, and Full). Don't miss this chance - the offer expires on Friday, December 1, 2023, at midnight.

Learn more

📚️ New Educational Resources

Three new templates

Our templates are now much simpler and more flexible. They are accessible directly from PandaSuite Studio.

Discover 3 new templates:

  • Number Animation: learn how to animate numbers simply, through two examples.
  • Website to App: effortlessly transform a video tutorial platform into an app.
  • Horizontal Parallax Scrolling: create a dynamic layer movement with horizontal scrolling.

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