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Hub One: Revolutionizing Business Presentations through Interactivity

Hub One: Revolutionizing Business Presentations through Interactivity

Hub One Group, a 100% subsidiary of ADP Group, is a recognized leader in business solutions for transport, logistics, cybersecurity, and telecommunications for businesses and administrations.

As a sovereign enterprise, Hub One was searching for a new tool to provide its clients with an interactive and dynamic experience during the presentation of its solutions.

To address their need for flexibility and customization, Pierre Masquelier, Product Manager of Hub One Delivery, and Elisa Iacono, Product Manager in training, used PandaSuite, our no-code creation platform, to create interactive presentations.

The testimonial highlights the successful collaboration between Hub One and PandaSuite, resulting in lively sales aids and a dynamic, uniform, and effective presentation of the company's solutions.

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The Challenge of Flexibility and Interactivity

The project's objective was to offer a presentation medium that was more interactive and lively than traditional PowerPoint.

Previously, Hub One collaborated with an external service provider for creating dynamic presentations, but the rigidity of the process posed issues. "Every alteration in the presentation required engaging this service provider, which was cumbersome, costly, and not very flexible," Pierre Masquelier pointed out.

Hub One was therefore in search of a flexible and scalable solution that would enable their sales team to create and easily modify their presentation templates. PandaSuite emerged as the ideal choice.

The Quest for a Flexible and Customized Solution

The initial step was to acquaint themselves with the PandaSuite software. Hub One utilized the free version to test basic functionalities and explore the application's potential: "We first learnt how to use PandaSuite, understanding its design functionalities and the actions to implement," Elisa Iacono explains.

The use of PandaSuite allowed Hub One to create their own interactive presentation templates, dubbed "wheels". These wheels were designed in a straightforward and intuitive way to present all the features of each solution—a substantial challenge considering the 46 to 48 possible features per solution.

The "Wheels" have become Hub One's DNA when it comes to business presentations.
The "Wheels" have become Hub One's DNA when it comes to business presentations.

This approach successfully met specific customer needs without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. "Simply clicking on an icon takes you to the core and thus fulfills 100% of their needs," adds Pierre Masquelier.

From the beginning, Hub One teams worked on the structure to create simple, reusable templates that can be adapted for other offerings.

Immediate Success at Trade Shows and Events

The first signs of success were already observed internally at a sales seminar. Approval was unanimous among the first users concerned by these wheels: Hub One salespeople and the General Management.

With a team of thirty salespeople (Hub One BU Mobility) spread across France, Hub One regularly participates in events (professional fairs, open days, etc.) to meet its clients.

The wheels are particularly suited for presentations on large touch screens at trade shows or customer events. The aids are clear and interactive; Hub One teams can welcome their clients & prospects, meet their specific needs with a few clicks. This modern and interactive approach captivates customers and facilitates exchanges, paving the way for new business opportunities.


On the other hand, prospects also have the ability to navigate autonomously. "If we're busy or if a prospect wants to explore by themselves, they don't need to be guided. This greatly eases exchanges with our salespeople," explains Pierre Masquelier.

The salespeople appreciated the solution's ease of use, which requires no prior training. The tool is efficient and instructive, with immediate ease of use.

A Harmonized Corporate Presentation

Pending the revamping of its website, Hub One has also created a Corporate Group presentation allowing customers to discover the company as a whole and to view the main figures and information about the Group. This approach has reinforced the company's image and has enabled salespeople to present Hub One consistently and uniformly, regardless of the business sector or solution being discussed.

In a digital environment, it's crucial to have a suitable presentation: "We wanted to step up a notch and be multi-platform. The presentation is available on smartphones (iPhone, Android), large screens, and tablets. It's highly flexible in terms of broadcast, and we don't need a Wi-Fi connection, especially at major trade shows," Elisa Iacono points out.

Finally, a link to the wheels created with the PandaSuite tool was added to the end of the Hub One employees' signature, allowing the recipient to discover or rediscover the various business solutions marketed.

Easy and Automated Updates

One of the key advantages of PandaSuite for Hub One lies in the ease of updating presentations. Elisa Iacono, as the support manager, can make live corrections during trade shows and events.

These updates are automatically deployed to all salespeople using the application, ensuring they benefit from the latest version. This flexibility and responsiveness have greatly simplified the management of presentations and have reinforced the company's sales efficiency.

Unlike an external service provider, Elisa Iacono readily has the right information collected from various internal interlocutors.

A Fruitful Collaboration with PandaSuite

The collaboration between Hub One and PandaSuite was highly positive, with a responsive team available to meet the company's specific needs. Pierre Masquelier emphasizes: "The collaboration with PandaSuite went well. They were responsive, the team always being reachable, always active." The responsiveness and ongoing support of PandaSuite have enabled Hub One to implement superior quality interactive presentations, thus offering a better customer experience.

Today, Hub One has successfully transformed its business presentations into interactive and dynamic experiences. The use of interactive wheels has enabled an efficient and personalized presentation of all the company's solutions. This approach has captivated customers during trade shows and events, generating new business opportunities. By offering an easy and automated update solution, PandaSuite has enabled Hub One to keep its presentations up-to-date and ensure optimal commercial consistency and efficiency.

To learn more about Hub One's solutions, you can visit their website and explore the interactive presentations by clicking here.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs and see how we can assist you in modernizing your client presentations.

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