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Create your digital magazines without any coding. Publish to the app stores or a website, engage your readers and grow your revenue.


Boost your digital presence

Promote Your Brand

Create your branded magazine for mobile and tablet, publish to the app stores (Apple, Google) or website to access broader audience.

Sell More

Deploy one or multi-issues app (kiosk). Distribute free or paid content and add in-app purchases. No commission on app sales.

Engage Your Users

Get to know better who your readers are and what they are doing using analytics. Re-engage them with push notifications.

Boost your storytelling with rich content your readers actually love

  • Media (videos,  slideshows...)

  • HD Zoom

  • Scrolling text

  • And much more...
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Go mobile and tablet

Create once, run everywhere. Drag & drop your content, add animations and interactivities. Your magazine is automatically optimized for any screen. Or create device-related versions.

Work fast & well

Reuse your InDesign files and easily develop your interactive content. Preview instantly on your devices: no time for a cup of coffee!

Build a marketplace

Get your audience updated with latest issue in one single place. Send push notifications to keep them informed and add in-app purchases to develop your business.

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