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Innovative Museum Digital Transformation With No-Code

Innovative Museum Digital Transformation With No-Code

Digital applications and devices are no longer reserved for large museums and cultural institutions. Now, any mediation officer or communication manager can easily and quickly design and create a digital application or device for their establishment.

No-code tools allow you to create applications and digital supports without technical knowledge. No need to call on a developer or agency! PandaSuite offers the greatest freedom of creation to build custom digital interfaces for all devices. 3D, Beacon sensors, image recognition… these technologies become accessible to all museums to enhance the visitor experience and increase visitor engagement.

Here is an overview of innovative and concrete projects realized without a single line of code thanks to PandaSuite.

3D Digitization: Manipulate a Precious and Ancient Object

Interactive Kiosk Osorko
Interactive Kiosk Osorko

How can visitors manipulate a precious and fragile object, especially to view inscriptions in hieroglyphs located underneath?

Using the 3D digitization of the statuette of Osorkon II, the Louvre Museum created an interactive kiosk with PandaSuite that allows visitors to view the object, manipulate it, and access contextual information.

This touch kiosk was located next to the artwork and available to all visitors.

Learn more: Interactive Kiosk Osorkon II - Louvre Museum

Multimedia Kiosks to Engage Visitors

Video content and touch interfaces attract visitors.

Based on this observation, the North Carolina Museum of Art decided to create a multimedia space within the exhibition You are here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences to display video and audio content that complements the visit.

The setup was a great success and sparked many new ideas for the future.

Learn more: Multimedia Kiosk - North Carolina Museum of Art

Image Recognition: Scan to Discover the World of Peter Knapp

The Cité de la Mode et du Design and Fixioneers Studio took on the challenge of image recognition for the visitor's journey during the Peter Knapp exhibition.

Visitors could use the exhibition’s mobile app to scan the photos and access content related to the artist's photography: voice recordings, informative texts, additional photos…

Learn more: Audioguide Peter Knapp - Cité de la Mode et du Design

Beacon Technology: Guide Visitors through the Exhibition

A mix of guided tour, audioguide, and enriched catalog, the Blumenfeld app allows visitors to freely wander through the exhibition space.

Within the app, visitors have access to over 200 images, videos, and interactive content associated with the rooms they explore. Indeed, the Cité de la Mode et du Design distributed Beacon sensors in different exhibition areas to automatically trigger the appropriate content based on the visitor's location.

Learn more: Studio Blumenfeld - Cité de la Mode et du Design

Dive into the Louvre's Most Beautiful Paintings from Your Couch

A product of a partnership between RMN and PandaSuite, the Louvrissime app for mobile & tablet helps you better understand the paintings of the Louvre. Widely used by schools, the app details the specific features of each artwork in a simple, interactive, and educational interface.

Learn more: Louvrissime - RMN

You can create your own mobile application and interactive displays for free today using PandaSuite's platform. Our numerous features (GPS gallery, HD zoom, scrolling, Beacon, etc.) and our distribution on all devices (mobile, tablet, computer) will support your various projects!

Discover our many online tutorials and become a Panda Master in no time!

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