Thu, Dec 1, 2016

Best Use Cases for Beacon Technology

Best Use Cases for Beacon Technology

A few days ago we talked about Beacon technology and the outlook for an ever-more personalized user experience. Even if Beacon sensors are principally used in stores, there are more and more initiatives being undertaken in other areas: in airports, during events, in museums and offices.

Apple: Follow the customer

Apple was the first to use beacons in stores. Beginning when one enters the Apple Store, each person is followed and special offers are made depending on the path they take.


Easyjet: Simplify travel

To make travel easier, the company strategically deployed sensors in multiple French airports. Through the EasyJet Mobile app, passengers received pertinent information at the key points in their trip: airport arrival, check-in, boarding, customs…

easyjet beacon.png

SXSW: Know what’s happening next door

More and more event organizers are creating their own app to interact with participants.

The SXSW festival developed SXSW Go and deployed around 1000 sensors around the event. Through the “Around Me” tab, festival-goers were told about what was happening around them, making it easier to navigate this enormous event.

sxsw beacon.png

Rubenshuis in Anvers: Accompany the visitor

Museums have greatly benefited with this technology. Here are few examples:

  • Enriching the visit with related multimedia materials
  • Completely autonomous visits
  • Automating tickets and entry

The Rubenshuis offers a guided visit supported by beacons throughout the exhibition. The visitor receives geolocalized information and has a personalized experience.

Barclays: Aid the disabled

The bank conducted a beacon experiment over the course of six months in dozens of branches, to provide better access for the disabled. By noting their condition with a mobile app, these clients could be met as soon as they arrived by a member of the bank.

Huge: Steer visitors

The Huge agency in New York uses beacons to guide their visitors and employees through their Brooklyn office. It is becoming more and more common to develop an internal app to guide new employees through their early days.


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