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How to Make Interactive Videos

How to Make Interactive Videos

Allow your audience to navigate a bespoke video experience.

Interactive video is an innovative format that combines one or more video contents with human interactions. It transforms your viewer into an active participant through elements such as clickable areas (hotspots), summaries, scenario choices, and interactive feedback.

Whether it's offering customers a more personalized shopping experience, engaging students with immersive learning, or enhancing a story with choices, interactive video has become an essential tool.

Discover with us how to create an interactive video with PandaSuite, your Swiss Army knife for interactive content.

What is Interactive Video?

Visualize a video where you're handed the control. Contrary to traditional videos that progress linearly, interactive videos promise a custom experience. They incorporate interactive elements like clicks, swipes, or hovers, unveiling new video segments or supplementary content such as links, quizzes, or diverse media.

The goal? Make viewing more engaging and memorable.

The Ingredients of an Interactive Video

Highlighted below are some pivotal elements:

  1. Clickable areas (hotspots): hese can navigate to extra content, another segment of the video, or even an external site. Picture an e-commerce video where a click on attire redirects you to the checkout page.
  1. Scenario choices: Like gamebooks, viewers guide the story. A clear example is Choose Love, a Netflix comedy where your choices influence the romance.
  1. Quizzes and surveys: Ideal for engaging viewers and collecting information.
  1. Action buttons: They direct the viewer to a post-viewing action, whether it's subscribing, visiting a product, or sharing.
How to make interactive videos
How to make interactive videos

The PandaSuite Platform, Your Interactive Video Partner

PandaSuite is your all-in-one interactive solution for building an array of interactive content and apps.

Harness the power of PandaSuite Studio's visual editor to design your interactive video. Once you've uploaded your base video, embed buttons, pop-ups, and links to curate the user's experience. In PandaSuite, the storyboard is obsolete. You're in the driver's seat, visually orchestrating the interface with intuitive drag-and-drop.

Here are some tutorials that will be useful to you:

Some Examples Of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos offer their benefits in various fields:

  1. Explainer Videos with Clickable Content: ideal for businesses, these videos succinctly explain a product or service, with clickable content that enriches the depth of information.
  1. Interactive Storytelling: perfect for the entertainment industry and storytelling, viewers decide the narrative, leading to multiple story outcomes.
  1. Training and Educational Videos with Quizzes: they are very useful for the e-learning sector, as they allow educators to create modules where learners can actively participate and test their understanding.
  1. Product Demos: viewers can choose the product features they want to explore, leading to a personalized viewing experience.

The Impact On Marketing And e-Learning

Interactive videos have a bright future. They boost engagement, extend viewing time, and improve information retention. For marketers, they are a valuable source of data on viewer preferences.

The power of choice strengthens the user experience, making it more positive. As for conversions, they often outperform traditional videos, thanks to strategically placed calls to action.

PandaSuite, with its intuitive interface and customizable features, is by your side to produce these new formats.

Interactive videos are not just a passing trend. They redefine the future of digital content. So, are you ready to embark on this adventure with PandaSuite?

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