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Benefits of a digital catalogue

Digital catalog is an essential tool for marketing and sales teams that enables consumers to view product offerings quickly, easily, and from every device.

Quick access

With search and intuitive navigation, users have direct access to useful information

Faster decision-making

It gives potential customers quickly all they need to make a decision.


Your product catalog is available from every device – mobile, tablet or desktop – and without any Internet connection.

Reduced costs

Printed catalogs are expensive and not a sustainable solution. Save money and trees with the digital catalog.

Brand experience

Stand out from competitors and show your customers you are ready to address their needs with innovative solutions.

New expectations

We are living in a digital world, why keeping habits from the past when it comes to B2B marketing materials?


Provide accurate product information. You can simply add or remove products, correct mistakes and update content instantly.

Increase sales

Digital catalog can attract new customers and can be shared effortlessly. It can help you get more orders.

Digital catalog

Easily create a digital catalog with PandaSuite

PandaSuite is a product catalog builder software to create and publish interactive product catalogs. It provides lots of features and infinite possibilities to create any kind of interactive content without any technical knowledge.
Digital catalog
Digital catalog

Build visually

Design your digital catalog from scratch, import your own visual elements or choose one of our free templates.

Digital catalog


Instantly test your interactive catalogs on iOS and Android mobile devices using PandaSuite Viewer application.

Digital catalog


It is automatically converted into many formats: publish as an online catalog, export native app for iOS, Android or Windows.

Showcase your products

Make your products and your brand shine with a unique digital catalog.

Full customization & rich content

Create the best user experience. Visual assets and rich media improve retention and user engagement. Tell your brand story, add videos and create emotions to your customers. Add pop-ups, links (website, PDF files) and hotspots to bring more context to your products.

Digital catalog

Connect to a database

Save time and display automatically a large number of products with dynamic content. Design your listing and connect it to a database to automatically fill in your products. Prepare your content (product name, description, price) in an internal or external data provider (Google Sheets, Airtable…) and manage updates independently.

Digital catalog

Create intuitive navigation

Users need to find easily and quickly what they are looking for. Add a search field, display an interactive table of contents, a breadcrumb, a menu… Add filter and sort to your product listing.

Digital catalog

Other features:

  • 360° and 3D: if you have virtual tours, 360° images and 3D objects, it adds more realism and immersion to your users.
  • Product configurator: create your own product configurator for customers to select from various options and order their personalized product version.
  • PDF: create links to existing PDF documents or make them available within the catalogue.
  • Form: add a lead capture form to easily stay connected with your potential customers.
  • Emails: send emails directly to your sales team for order fulfillment.
  • Wishlist: help potential customers save the products they find the most interesting and find them easily in a dedicated section.
  • 100% branding: remove PandaSuite branding, add your own icon and customize domain name.
  • Unlimited screens: create as many screens as you want.
  • Shopping cart: connect with your ecommerce platform to provide a full autonomous shopping experience.
Digital catalog

Improve sales process

In the field, sales teams are equipped with an innovative and powerful tool to present their products, take an order and send an email after the sales meeting, all connected to their CRM tool. The digital catalog allows optimizing lead capture through forms and data entry. Track user behaviour metrics and get meaningful insights for competitive advantage
Digital catalog

For mobile, tablet and desktop

Your catalog is adapted to be read on different devices, whether computer, tablet or mobile. Create a single catalog compatible with all screen sizes and create a specific version for the mobile.
Digital catalog

Publish an online catalogue

Embed your digital catalogue on your website or publish as a web app with custom domain. Increase your visibility and improve your visibility on both your website and digital publication.

Export a custom branded app

Provide a real mobile experience and explore all native sensors of the mobile devices. Create catalogue app for ipad, iphone, Android mobiles & tablets, Windows devices. You can reach a larger audience by publishing your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Getting started with PandaSuite

Digital catalog

Learn with great tutorials & resources

Explore more than 150 free tutorials (articles & videos). Get inspired by examples. Start with blank project or pre-built templates.

Digital catalog

Support from the best people

PandaSuite’s customer support team is always available by email, phone and chat to answer questions. And we’ve all been using PandaSuite for years.

Digital catalog

A community of experts ready to help

Don’t want to learn PandaSuite? We have a great community of designers, integrators, animators, and eventually programers.

Get started for free

Join more than 18,000 users worldwide. Don’t worry, PandaSuite is free as long as you want.
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