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HR onboarding: a strategic asset for companies

45% of resignations happen during the first year and a failed onboarding costs about €7000* to the company. That’s why the integration of newcomers has direct financial and operational consequences on the company.

* source: Workelo

Welcome Book

The benefits of a digital welcome book


Develop engagement

Promote your employer branding from the very first steps in the company. Develop a sense of belonging and pride in joining a dynamic and modern group.


Boost productivity

Improve access to information thanks to a digital tool. Your new employees are more quickly autonomous and your managers save time for their work.


Digitize HR processes

Harmonize your integration process and provide personalized scenarios based on employees’ profile. Adopt new, modern and dynamic formats.


Create digital products without a line of code

Bye-bye Powerpoint! Transform your documents and presentations into a mobile application or a digital platform available from everywhere.
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Welcome Book

Build native app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Welcome Book

Build a web app, a Progressive Web App or web page

Welcome Book

Build an app for PC, MacBook, iMac and Surface

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Build the ideal companion for HR onboarding

Joining a new company is always stressful. Bring together all the essential information into an intuitive interface and create an engaging user experience:
  • Presentation of the company, organization chart, key figures
  • Interactive map to see where are the printers and the cafeteria…
  • Business directory
  • Agenda
  • HR processes and documents
  • Safety instructions …
content mobile onboarding app


Add buttons and make the employee active while exploring content.


Insert quizzes, games, puzzles…


Add videos, sounds, 3D objects, a virtual 360° tour…


Your welcome book is unique. Create personalized scenarios according to profiles.


Add an authentication module (SAML V2)


Keep in touch with newcomers via messages sent directly to the phone.


Follow the statistics and keep track of updates.

Offline access

Your welcome book is easily accessible from anywhere. No internet is required.


Your application is directly connected to your HRIS tools and LMS platform (SCORM).


Support your employees’ journey with beacon sensors and GPS features.


Collect feedback from your employees directly from the application.


Technical maintenance, smooth user experience, iOS & Android & web compatibility

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PandaSuite, the most interactive no code platform

PandaSuite is a simple & creative SaaS platform to build web apps and native apps without a line of code. Pioneer in the no code market since 2015.
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Build visually

Download PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows. Easily build your welcome book with our intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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View across devices

Preview your application anywhere using the PandaSuite Viewer iOS & Android app. Share the preview link and collect feedbacks.

step 3 publish
Deploy everywhere

Get the link to your welcome book. Or you can build your own app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows.

Look at these examples

newcomers gbs mobile app

Newcomers GBS mobile app

Welcome Book

HR Career Guide

Welcome Book

Welcome Book


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