Jean Painlevé Exhibition Audioguide

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Fotomuseum Winterthur wanted to offer its visitors the opportunity to dive into the works and contents shown in the exhibition Jean Painlevé – Feet in the Water. The exhibition showcased the work of French filmmaker Jean Painlevé (1902–1989) who devoted most of his life to documenting fauna – especially species from the underwater world.

Through QR codes at the entrance to the exhibition and in each room visitors could access the app. The app worked much like an audio guide: visitors could browse through a variety of audio files exploring the themes of the exhibition further. The app was designed in such a way that the visitors could explore intuitively and really dive into Painlevé’s underwater world – quite literally. On top of the audio files video files were included too. In the videos the curator of the exhibition, Pia Viewing, talked about various aspects of the show.

This app was actively used by visitors and gave them a broader insight into the exhibition.

It was built in partnership with Fixioneers agency.

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