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Lottie (Bodymovin): High-Quality Animations For Your App

Lottie (Bodymovin): High-Quality Animations For Your App

With Lottie, insert high quality animations that are more flexible than a GIF format for your iOS, Android applications and websites. Export directly in JSON format from After Effects and create advanced interactions in your application using PandaSuite.

Animations have a considerable impact on your users. Thanks to your animations, go from a well-designed interface to an attractive and memorable experience. Whether you want to transform a waiting moment, explain a process or add a touch of fun, you can’t miss the animation.

High quality and more flexible animations with the JSON format

Previously, making a complex animation was a long and difficult process. It was necessary to use large image formats or animated gifs, which added to the weight of a page and slowed down the loading process. Or to code the animation from an animation created by a designer.

Developed by the Airbnb teams, Lottie is an open source iOS, Android and React Native library that generates After Effects animations in real time, allowing applications to use animations as easily as they use static images. As a result, animations are smoother, lighter and more easily controllable.

No need to know how to code! Bodymovin is the original plug-in from After Effect to export animations in JSON. More recently developed the Lottiefiles plug-in offers additional features to optimize the designers’ workflow.


The Bodymovin plug-in published by Hernan Torrisi, the inventor of the Lottie format

Thanks to PandaSuite, you can add actions on these animations such as mouse over, play once, loop or even be creative and play the icons once they have scrolled through a section. And again, without a line of code.

Create your animations with After Effects and Bodymovin / LottieFiles

Whatever plug-in you choose, export your After Effect animations directly in the right format.

  • Prepare the assets to be imported into After Effects
  • Create your animation in After Effects
  • Export the JSON file using the Bodymovin or Lottiefiles plugin.

Video presentation of the Lottiefiles plug-in


Create markers, triggers and actions on your JSON animation from PandaSuite

Free animation collections

Don’t know how to use After Effect? In Lottiefiles, discover a collection of free JSON animations, ready to be integrated into your digital products.

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