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Interactive Games to Captivate Your Visitors During Trade Shows

Interactive Games to Captivate Your Visitors During Trade Shows

Is your company participating in an upcoming trade show? Creating games for interactive kiosks is a clever and accessible strategy to attract visitors, regardless of your company's size. It doesn't require a large budget or advanced technical skills.

This article explains how to create engaging, effective, and customized interactive games for trade shows that captivate your audience, enhance your brand, and generate leads—all without the need to hire a team of developers.

Why Interactive Trade Show Booth Games?

Renting a booth at a trade show represents a significant budget. Companies are constantly looking for solutions to maximize their investment and gain visibility over the competition.

That's why interactive games on kiosks are a great way to draw attendees to your booth and keep them interested:

  • Develop engagement: games capture attention and encourage visitors to spend more time at your booth.
  • Increase brand awareness: they make your brand experience more memorable.
  • Generate leads: it's also a fun and indirect way for participants to provide their contact information.
  • Educate visitors: through educational games, you enhance participants' knowledge of your products or services in an enjoyable manner.

Ideas for Interactive Kiosk Games

Convinced by the principle of interactive kiosk games but not sure what type of games to offer?

Here are some simple and effective ideas to inspire you:

  • Quizzes: create quizzes about your industry, brand, or products. Don't hesitate to offer rewards for those who achieve the best results.
  • Drag-and-drop games: you can create an infinite number of games through the action of dragging and dropping. It's simple and effective. For example, participants may need to match or correctly place elements, re-organize a process in the right order, position organs in the right spot, or reconstruct objects.
drag and drop.gif
  • Wheel of fortune: a classic in random games! With each spin of the wheel, participants hope to win a reward.
spin the wheel.gif
  • Escape game: offer an immersive challenge and adventure within your brand's environment and narrative, adopting the codes of escape games.

How to Easily Create Interactive Games

Use Simple and Intuitive Tools

No need for a developer! There are numerous tools designed for creating quizzes, puzzles, or simple drag-and-drop games. They are generally intuitive and do not require coding knowledge.

PandaSuite is an excellent no-code tool for building games and all sorts of interactive media in web or native formats. Its strength? It offers the greatest freedom to create playful and engaging experiences. It allows you to create more advanced experiences combining interactivity and immersion.

Adapt Classic Games

No need to come up with a revolutionary idea. Think of the most familiar games and adapt them with a touch that reflects your brand or message. Trivia Quizzes, Bingo, or memory games can be customized to include information about your product.

Add Rewards

Create surveys or polls that resemble games. By offering small rewards, you thank visitors for their participation and collect valuable information about your audience.

Check the WiFi

What's common to all trade shows? Weak WiFi! Before developing your game, ensure that it works offline. Good news: with PandaSuite, you don't need to worry about this! All games are available offline, and forms work with local caching!


Interactive games are a fantastic way to make your booth stand out at a trade show, and they don't need to be complicated or expensive to create.

With a bit of creativity and the use of accessible tools like PandaSuite, you can design games that entertain but also educate and connect with your audience.

The key is to make games a reflection of your brand and an integral part of your trade show strategy.

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