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Improve Integration With a Digital Handbook for Your Company

Improve Integration With a Digital Handbook for Your Company

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a priority for every HR team, and it's no secret that a successful onboarding process plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. The cost of a missed onboarding process is substantial, with estimates suggesting it can set a company back around €7,000, considering both direct and indirect costs, as well as the time spent on training and other related factors (Workelo).

Moreover, the statistics are alarming, with one out of every five employees leaving a company within the first year (Cadremploi). These numbers underscore the critical importance of effective onboarding in today's competitive job market.

The Early Phases of Onboarding

It's essential to recognize that the onboarding process begins long before an employee's first day at work. Once the employment contract is accepted, both the company and the new employee start shaping their relationship. The HR department handles administrative formalities, while the manager provides insights into the operational aspects of the role. This phase demands considerable time and effort, and it sets the tone for the employee's future within the organization.

Implementing an HR onboarding tool can significantly streamline these processes, alleviating the burden on operational staff and empowering new employees with the resources they need to feel comfortable during their initial days at the company.

The Power of Interactive Employee Handbooks

An interactive employee handbook is a dynamic and engaging digital resource designed to replace traditional static handbooks. Unlike traditional printed or PDF manuals, interactive handbooks leverage digital technology to provide employees with a more immersive and informative onboarding experience.

Their main features include multimedia elements such as videos, interactive quizzes, and clickable navigation, which make the content more engaging and easier to digest. Benefits of interactive employee handbooks include increased employee engagement, improved retention of information, and the ability to track employee progress and interactions with the content. This approach not only enhances the onboarding process but also reflects a company's commitment to innovation and employee-centric practices.

Some Exemples of Interactive Employee Handbooks

Several exemplary interactive employee handbooks showcase the transformative power of this approach in enhancing the onboarding experience.

GBS Insight Mobile App

The GBS Insight mobile app
The GBS Insight mobile app

The GBS app by Engie is a prime illustration of an interactive employee handbook that sets the standard for welcoming new employees in Global Business Service entity. This innovative app takes onboarding to the next level by offering an interactive and playful experience. It provides employees with valuable resources in an engaging format, making their initial days at Engie both informative and enjoyable.

The GBS app incorporates gamification elements such as quizzes and interactive modules that foster social interactions among new hires. This not only eases their integration into the company but also reinforces the corporate culture and values.

The Newcomers app by the French Ministry of Justice

PJJ livret d'accueil.png

The PJJ (French Judicial Youth Protection) welcomes many newcomers every year. To facilitate their integration and familiarize them with the more technical aspects such as legal procedures and acronyms, the PJJ has developed the Newcomers mobile application. This application serves as a comprehensive guide, providing all the necessary information in an interactive and engaging manner.

Throughout the application, there are quizzes to test knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

The application is not only used by newcomers but also during recruitment meetings, on the intranet, and at events.

Total Interactive Employee Handbook

This innovative handbook provides employees with seamless access to a wealth of essential documentation. It functions as a comprehensive repository of information, offering an efficient way for employees to retrieve vital materials, policies, and guidelines.

The interactive interface simplifies navigation and makes the search for information intuitive. This approach enhances the onboarding process by streamlining information retrieval, enabling employees to quickly become acquainted with the organization's procedures and resources.

Total Interactive Employee Handbook

These examples illustrate how interactive employee handbooks can revolutionize onboarding, making it more engaging, informative, and efficient.

How to Create an Interactive Employee Handbook with PandaSuite

Creating an interactive employee handbook with PandaSuite is a streamlined process that empowers HR teams to transform their onboarding procedures. PandaSuite offers a user-friendly, no-code platform that allows you to design engaging and informative content effortlessly. Whether it's creating mobile applications, digital welcome books, or interactive quizzes, PandaSuite provides the tools to make your onboarding process more effective.


Cost-effectiveness is also a key factor. Today, starting at just €790, organizations can create iOS and Android mobile applications using the no-code tool PandaSuite, which can be easily updated from a user-friendly back-office. Updates are instant, ensuring that employees always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

In addition, PandaSuite enables HR teams to keep in touch with employees through push notifications and provides valuable insights into consultation statistics.


In conclusion, successful onboarding is about more than just integrating new employees; it applies to all aspects of internal communication, recruitment, and training. In this era of digital transformation, mobile HR applications are becoming increasingly vital to the success of HR teams and organizations as a whole.

When it comes to creating interactive and engaging employee handbooks, PandaSuite is your go-to solution. Notable examples like the GBS app by Engie, Newcomers app by the French Ministry of Justice, and Total handbook showcase how PandaSuite empowers HR teams to create innovative and user-friendly onboarding experiences. Create an account for free today and revolutionize your onboarding process with PandaSuite, ensure your new hires start their journey on the right foot.

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