Wed, Mar 23, 2016

3D: Showcase 3D Models in Your App

3D: Showcase 3D Models in Your App

You can now integrate 3D models into your web or native application. With a simple swipe of a finger, your users can manipulate the 3D object in real time and from any angle. By combining 3D technology with infinite interactive possibilities, PandaSuite now covers one of the widest fields of digital creation.

The Culture 3D Cloud Project

As the result of a collaboration with recognized technological and cultural partners (RMN Photos, Centre des Monuments Nationaux…), the Culture 3D Cloud project has enabled PandaSuite to develop in this field of expertise and to pursue its ambition to democratize technology.

Culture 3D Cloud is a cloud computing platform for 3D digitalization, documentation, conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. Compared to complex traditional technologies, the objective was to allow any photographer to acquire pictures of a work of art, to transform them into a 3D model and to distribute them for commercial purposes.

Interact with a 3D model

Now it is possible to integrate a 3D model and interact with it within your web or native application. What is the use of 3D in an application? In the video below, the 3D object (namely a naskoi) is synchronized with a scrolling paragraph, but it is also directly manipulable by the user or can be controlled by a simple click on thumbnails.

Today, professionals can create interactive 3D applications, 3D product configurators and associate multimedia content without any line of code. Beyond the technological feat, the 3D model becomes a component of the application to create all kinds of stories: enhancement of an ancient heritage, learning module, catalogue….

If you have a 3D model, don’t hesitate to embark on the PandaSuite adventure!

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