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HR Onboarding: The Power of a Digital Employee Handbook

HR Onboarding: The Power of a Digital Employee Handbook

Recruiting a new employee is much more expensive than retaining him or her. According to Workeo’s figures, a missed onboarding process would cost the company around €7,000, if you add direct and indirect costs, time spent on training, and so on.

Integrating HR onboarding is an increasingly crucial step for companies. The challenge is to quickly retain new employees, especially considering that the statistics are worrying: on average, one out of five employees leaves the company during the first year (source: Cadremploi).

So when should HR onboarding be implemented? It is important to know that the integration phase begins well before the first days of work. At the end of the series of interviews and as soon as the work contract has been accepted, the company and the employee start building their relationship: sending information, invitations to events, etc. The HR department takes care of the administrative formalities, while the manager provides information on the operational aspect of taking up the position. All this takes time and energy, and sets the tone for future collaboration.

Implementing an HR onboarding tool means relieving the operational staff and giving the future employee the resources to feel as comfortable as possible in his first steps in the company.

An HR onboarding mobile application

Digital technology makes it easier to have access to information, harmonizes HR processes and brings all content together. With a mobile application, employees have all the information they need directly in their pocket, even offline and beyond the walls of the company when they refer to their new work.

The native functionalities of the mobile application allow to accompany the collaborator in his displacement and even to send him geolocalized notifications. To do this, install beacon sensors within your premises and trigger contextual notifications when the collaborator passes by.

Instead of a simple Powerpoint, offering an application also allows you to reflect the image of a modern, dynamic company that places the experience of its employees at the heart of its concerns.


GBS insight app by Engie

For the costs, today from 990€ you get an iOS & Android mobile application made from the no-code tool PandaSuite and easily updated from a back-office.

Deploy your application directly on your employees’ devices thanks to the in-house iOS deployment and a direct download link for Android. Jean-Claude has replaced Michelle as head of the department? No problem, all updates are available instantly to people who have already downloaded the application.

Keep in touch with the push notifications and follow up the consultation statistics.

A digital « welcome book » platform

Another digital format: the digital welcome book. Available in the form of a web app, this format can be consulted on a computer as well as on a cell phone within a browser.

You can put the link directly from the intranet and within your LMS platform as a training support.

The power of interactive content

Beyond its format, digital technology makes it possible to produce more playful and engaging formats.

For example, if you have a cross-business matrix organization designed to promote synergies, looking at the organizational chart may not be very understandable at first glance.

With PandaSuite you can create an interactive quizz without any line of code and playful modules to better understand your organization.

This is what EDF did by offering all newcomers an application based on the famous Duel Quizz game. The result? A strong integration of employees through the social side of the “duel” and reinforcement of the corporate culture with the content of the quizzes.


Mobile Quiz for the new EDF employees

Great onboarding also means rapidly autonomous and operational employees, and the current digital transformation makes companies more eager to invest in innovative and agile solutions. More than integrating new employees, it also applies to all internal communication, recruitment or training… mobile HR applications are booming!

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