Sun, Sep 11, 2016

Prototyping: Unleashing the Secret to Selling Your Digital Project

Prototyping: Unleashing the Secret to Selling Your Digital Project

Do you have an idea for a new interface or application? Before proceeding any further, we recommend creating a prototype. This is the most effective way to test the viability of your idea and convince your audience.

You can use the PandaSuite platform to build your prototype without any technical knowledge.

The power of the prototype

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of a prototype to convince about your idea.

A prototype is a working model that allows your audience (and also yourself) to better appreciate its potential, its characteristics and appearance. Although this is an approximation, it makes it easier to present your concept to your future partners and customers.

By a simple drag and drop, insert your content (text, images, video, audio), use components (gallery, scrolling area, pop-up …) and insert gestures, animations and transitions. Little by little, your project becomes interactive without any line of code!

It’s free

During the implementation phase of a prototype, you cannot afford to hire a developer or a designer. That’s whyPandaSuite is the perfect tool to give life to this first draft.

It is free. You can create your prototype and test it without any subscription. This tool is often used in schools and hackathons (Labo de l’Edition, Hackapress …) to produce app prototypes or communication supports.

Better Sell Your Project

Preview your project on computer, tablet and computer. It is fast and instant. You can test & preview before finding the best solution.

Unsing these preview modes, it is really simple  to show and share your project to your audience.

For example, this mini app mini was built within 3 hours by the Made For Com agency before a commercial meeting with Mitsubishi. Better than static designs don’t you think? 😉

Save Time

Once the project has been sold,  you just have to resume to current job. More than a prototype, it is a mini-application you have already developed. You earn quite a lot of time.


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