Wed, Feb 10, 2021

Partnership with SoftBank Robotics: Build No-Code Apps for Pepper

Partnership with SoftBank Robotics: Build No-Code Apps for Pepper

Pepper is an interactive robot, and as such, an amazing platform to engage people in a unique way. How to quickly and easily build, without coding, a robotic application to create a great experience?

Giving life to Pepper is not a developer privilege anymore. Design and development of applications is now possible for everyone!

SoftBank Robotics Europe and PandaSuite present the Pepper component for PandaSuite Studio, the solution that opens the creation of a robotic application to everyone, even without technical knowledge.

  • With the Pepper component for Pandasuite Studio: Teachers and students will quickly and easily create applications on Pepper’s tablet and infinitely customize interactions performances of Pepper in classrooms,
  • Designers will discover new possibilities on Pepper and quickly render new ideas,
  • Developers will prototype demo applications to illustrate use cases. And all this without having to write any line of code.

Watch the replay of our presentation webinar from January 28, 2021:

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