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Step into the future with PandaSuite – where innovation meets simplicity in digital storytelling. Unleash your creativity on a software that's intuitive, versatile, and ever-evolving.

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PandaSuite versus Klynt?

Klynt set the stage in interactive storytelling, but the digital narrative has transformed. Welcome to PandaSuite - a interactive storytelling software that not only offers the best of Klynt's features, but propels you into the future with ongoing innovation and advanced features.

PandaSuite Studio

Multimedia storytelling redefined

Bring your narratives to life with PandaSuite's dynamic multimedia support. Dive into a world where text, images, audio, and video converge with 3D objects and 360° experiences. Create not just stories, but immersive journeys with custom navigation that captivates your audience.

User-friendly interface

A platform that grows with you

We're constantly innovating, ensuring you have the most up-to-date tools for digital storytelling. Where Klynt's updates may have paused, PandaSuite's journey of enhancement continue.

PandaSuite quickly grabbed my attention. The components are intuitive and have no creative or usage limitations. It's also the most enjoyable, stimulating, and wonderfully playful design interface I've ever used.

Anthony Liefooghe
Anthony Liefooghe
Graphic designer

Beyond the Web – Embrace app creation

While Klynt focuses on web-based narratives, PandaSuite goes further. Our platform also allows you to develop mobile and desktop apps that can be deployed on app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play) or installed on touch devices.

Price and quality

Unleash creativity across all fields and sectors

Beyond Klynt's target audience in media, education and NGOs, PandaSuite opens a world of possibilities for everyone. It's where educators innovate, marketers captivate, businesses excel, and creatives flourish. Our platform is a melting pot of interactive content creation, tailored for diverse minds and industries.

Feature comparison



Enterpring pricing
€990 per user (from 5 users)
$2499 (up to 3 users)
Free account
Regular updates with new features and improvements
Broad audience including educators, marketers, businesses, and creative professionals
High customization for a wide range of digital projects
Create nice transitions
Publish as embeddable web content, tablet compatible
Mobile and desktop app development, app store deployment
HTML export
Analytics capabilities

PandaSuite, an alternative for your project

Join the community of forward-thinking creators who choose PandaSuite. Embrace a platform that grows with you and your creative ambitions. Explore PandaSuite today.

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