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The PandaSuite Difference

If we had to summarize the PandaSuite difference in 10 bullet points, this is what we would say:

PandaSuite is a tool to create interactive content (iOS, Android, HTML5) without any line of code.

We believe everyone should be able to create interactive experiences with no contraints. That's why we built PandaSuite.

Main strength? The greatest freedom of creation: create any kind of apps (presentation, virtual tour,webdoc... ). There's no app like another.

Create once and publish wherever you want: to the app stores, to some users only or embed into a website.

This tool is really simple: everyone from young beginners to professional designers can use it!

Officially launched in March 2015, we work with many different industries (communication agencies, institutions, schools...)

It's free! Create unlimited projects and preview instantly on every device (smartphone, tablet, device).

We really care about you. We provide free support (more than 100 tutorials) and chat with you online!

We're a small team but we're really active and often update the tool based on customer feedbacks.

Why a Panda? It's a cool and powerful animal as should be app creation.




Company Description

PandaSuite is a tool for creating applications (iOS, Android, HTML5) for tablet, smartphone and computer without line of code. Its great freedom of creation allows to produce innovative digital media: application, interactive presentation, HTML5 games, prototype ...

Launched in March 2015 and winner of the jury prize Futur en Seine 2016, the tool is mainly adopted by major groups (Engie, GRDF ...) and communication agencies (Havas, MadeForCom, Grenade & Sparks ...). Some twenty schools of design and communication (Les Gobelins, ECV, LISAA ...) offer training courses on PandaSuite.

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In the News

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