Deploy Your Apps Privately

Exit the App Store and Google Play

Corporate reports, internal communications, sales development tools… many interactive projects should be kept to a limited audience. Discover the quickest and easiest way to distribute content on mobile devices away from the app stores.

Internal communications will never be the same. PDF, Powerpoint and other supports are little by little replaced by smart interactive presentations. Sent through circles, they engage employees and increase impact.

Xavier Kutalian, Digital Transformation Officer, GRDF

Give Access on Every Device

These links are smart links. No matter which device your users are on (smartphone, tablet or desktop), your app is automatically displayed using the best version for their current device (iOS, Android or HTML5 version). After download, content remains accessible offline.

own branded hub

Create Your White-labelled Hub

By default, users have to download the PandaHub application to access content. If you want to customize the interface, you can add your logo and colors. If you want to get your own hub, you can create the standard iOS and Android “hub” application.

own branded hub

Some Corporate Use Cases

Internal Communications

Create impactful presentations and revolutionize the way you speak to employees

Sales Support

Create the most impactful support for your business representatives and increase sales


Create the ultimate mobile guide only for attendees

Press Relations

Grab journalists’ attention with a compelling interactive story

Do You Have Specific Needs?

If you want to us to create your future interactive presentations or answer your questions