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Fri, Jul 8, 2022

6 Steps to Turn Your Website Into an iOs and Android Application

6 Steps to Turn Your Website Into an iOs and Android Application

Turn your website into a mobile application in just a few clicks and without a line of code: it's magic! Find out how to insert your website, add specific features and export as an application with our no code application development platform PandaSuite.

You have developed your website (WordPress, Shopify..) and have spent a lot of time, money and energy on this project! Now you want to test a mobile application and are looking for a solution to build this application quickly and for a reasonable budget.

With PandaSuite, you don't need to know how to code! Our tool is accessible to everyone and specializes in creating applications without technical knowledge. In a few simple and quick steps, you convert your site into an application with a custom icon and deploy it on the Apple and Google app stores.

The features of your mobile application

PandaSuite is a powerful and flexible app builder to build all kinds of applications without any line of code. It offers you the best technology to convert your website into a dynamic, modern and powerful application.

Responsive & multi-device

Your app is available on all devices with a custom icon and name.

Android & iOS

Your application is compatible with iOS & Android devices. A new version? PandaSuite makes sure your app is compatible.


Your application can be free or paid when you download it. Add in-app purchases.

Instant updates

As soon as you update your website, your application is instantly updated too: you don't have to do anything!

Push notifications

You can send push notifications to your app users on iOS and Android.

6 steps to convert your website into a mobile application

Discover the steps to transform your website into a mobile application:

1. Create a free account

Register for free at pandasuite.com and download our visual editor PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows in a few clicks.

Create free account on pandasuite.com
Create free account on pandasuite.com

Create a new project of type Mobile application iOS/Android.

Create a new Mobile project
Create a new Mobile project

2. Prepare your application

No need to code. Insert a Web component in full screen. Add the URL of your website: your application is a web view of your website.

Insert your website into a Web component
Insert your website into a Web component

You can also create application-specific content via our PandaSuite Studio visual editor and our many components and actions, for example create a native menu or add an authentication screen.

Via the Web component, it is very easy to make the application and the website communicate via the creation of markers, triggers and actions. Your application becomes a hybrid app exploring the best of both worlds.

3. Test on iOS & Android mobiles.

Download the PandaSuite Viewer app for iOS & Android, log in with your credentials and instantly test the rendering of your app.

4. Choose a Publishing plan

Choose a Publishing plan that suits your needs: Single for a mobile or tablet app. Multi for both.

From €99 per month or €990 (up to 50% discount for startups, students and non-profits).

Choose Publishing plan
Choose Publishing plan

5. Export the application

From your dashboard, choose the icon and the name of your application. Export your application in IPA (for iOS) or APK/AAB (for Android) format using your Apple and Google developer account.

Export the IPA and APK file
Export the IPA and APK file

6. Publish on the App Store and Google Play.

Submit your application to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Your application will be verified by the teams.

The benefits of transforming your website into a mobile application

The mobile application offers many advantages over a traditional website and there are many reasons to choose this format. It differs from a responsive mobile site because it takes the form of an application to be installed on the device and opens from an icon on the home screen.

  • Offer the best experience to your users and better performance with this 100% mobile format.
  • Take advantage of the native features of the device such as the camera, accelerometer or GPS. Unlike the website, the mobile application is not subject to the technical constraints of web browsers.
  • Reinforce brand image and install your application on your audience's phone on a daily basis, among their favorite applications
  • Improve your application's visibility and traffic to your website by deploying it on application download platforms (Apple and Google).
  • Increase revenue by making your application paid for when it is installed or by integrating purchasing actions inside the application.

About PandaSuite

PandaSuite is a powerful no-code platform to transform a website into an application and create applications without a line of code. Discover its ease of use and endless possibilities to enrich the mobile experience.

Try it for free: No need to take out your credit card! Create an account and a new project, insert the URL of your website and see the result on mobile!

Fast: in less than an hour, your application is ready for deployment

A pleasant and intuitive interface: discover our drag-and-drop editor PandaSuite Studio for Mac & Windows. Insert your content and explore our many components (Scrolling, Pop-up etc..)

Customized navigation: you have the freedom to create a custom navigation: sidebar, tab bar...

Fun: our credo "create, innovate and have fun" applies to all your projects! Whether it's a website conversion to a custom application, have fun creating a dynamic, engaging and modern application!

A top-notch support team: our users say it best!

Visit pandasuite.com now to transform your website into a mobile application.

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